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Conflict is a natural and often vital part of relationships. Conflict can even be a positive force, testing old assumptions, prompting creative thinking, resulting in better decision-making and stronger relationships. Most people, however, don’t know how to harness conflict for organizational effectiveness—executives in particular. As a result, too much time is spent avoiding conflict, even at the cost of making prudent business decisions. We teach our clients to handle conflict effectively and skillfully; sometimes this means defusing it, and sometimes this means using it to improve a situation.


Yaro Group teaches conflict resolution and negotiation using effective interactive methods such as role-play and fishbowls. We emphasize individualized attention, to ensure that that each participant can put into practice what he or she has learned. Each client walks away with powerful new skills, confident in how to use them.

We offer a variety of group and individual workshops, which can be tailored to your needs, available by the session or as a series.

Coworker Conflict

Clients leave our workshops with the tools—and the confidence—to effectively reduce conflict in their world. Your new skills will greatly reduce stress in your work environment, improve relations with your coworkers, and make you noticeably more productive. We teach you not just how to resolve conflict, but also how to prevent it in the future.

  • Help minimize conflict by separating intent from impact
  • Diffuse issues early, avoiding unnecessary escalation of conflict
  • Show employees how to manage disputes
  • Get specific advice on preventing unnecessary conflict
  • Learn how to inspire cooperation


Most people are not innately successful negotiators, but this invaluable skill can be learned. We assess and work with your strengths to develop the most effective negotiating style for you—one that feels comfortable and one that works.

  • Look beyond positions/adjust perspectives to identify interests
  • Find out which of your behaviors inspire trust
  • Learn to read nonverbal cues
  • Identify your options and determine the best course of action
  • Distinguish between integrative (win-win) and distributive (win-lose) situations and develop appropriate responses for each

Difficult Conversations

For managers, mastering the art of communication is a must. The best managers communicate well even in uncomfortable situations. We teach you how to conduct difficult conversations consistently and effectively.  Instruction includes:

  • How and when to deliver a tough message
  • What to say, what to leave out
  • How to deal with a defensive employee
  • How to transform a negative message into a positive result

Executive Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching, working with individual executives to set and achieve their professional goals.  With careful guidance over an average period of six months, executives can sharpen and expand their skills and overcome hurdles to better performance.

Changing Roles

Executives are expected to perform at ever higher levels. As you assume new responsibilities or pursue a promotion, you’ll face new challenges. In a new position, you may be expected to utilize skills that your previous role didn’t call for, and you may need to adjust your leadership style to manage a new staff. We help you identify, maximize and apply your strengths as you move forward and advance in your career.

  • Understand what is expected of you
  • Identify your stakeholders
  • Gain trust, remove skepticism and resistance
  • Effectively build alliances and establish key relationships
  • Establish rapport with challenging subordinates and colleagues
  • Develop plan to provide feedback and enable communication
  • Master supervisory and teamwork skills

Employee Relations

Research indicates that managers almost never perceive things the same way their employees do, and that managers should be mindful of what motivates their employees. Personalized coaching will help you develop the best rapport possible with your employees, and you’ll learn how to diffuse conflict. You’ll see greatly improved employee relations which will make your job easier, and make you a better manager. Employees in a more inviting environment are more productive, and your company becomes more successful.

  • Prevent loss of productivity by identifying and resolving conflicts early
  • Improve morale by providing employees with a way to voice their concerns
  • Minimize unwanted employee law suits
  • Master supervisory and teamwork skills
  • Refine performance appraisals
  • Inspire cooperation

Human Resource Consulting

We have a long history of consulting on human resources. In addition to our mediation services, we offer advisory services, reviews and assessments, and analyses and redesign of training curricula; of process automation; of performance and workflow; of employee surveys and relations.  

Performance Management

We develop multifaceted appraisal programs, setting up a review process that will maintain your highest standards and at the same time create a positive environment for employees. We help define your expectations, and we provide a process for soliciting and giving feedback while reaching consensus. Our performance management programs enable employees to reach their full potential and achieve peak performance. And we assure the most effective and beneficial rapport possible with your employees.


  • Evaluate current HR processes with an eye toward streamlining and efficiency
  • Interview key stakeholders to determine bottlenecks and points of frustration
  • Leverage technology where appropriate
  • Develop a process that fits company culture
  • Ensure effective delivery
  • Appraise performance

Early Neutral Fact Finding

Disputes in the workplace are costly, often leading to lost productivity and litigation. Early neutral fact finding is the best and most cost-effective way to nip a dispute in the bud. Because of the potential for litigation, you need a fact finder with appropriate investigative experience. Our extensive work in this field along with our strict policy of confidentiality and our unbiased status as an impartial third party make Yaro Group the top choice for this work.

  • Discretely meet with all parties
  • Synthesize multiple points of view into a coherent narrative
  • Make recommendations for management action

Meeting Facilitation

We develop meeting plans and agendas, to take maximum advantage of participants’ time. A productive end is guaranteed.


  • Identify goals
  • Lead an honest discussion
  • Learn to leverage technology where helpful
  • Summarize results and next steps   

Electronic Brainstorming

Yaro Group’s collaboration with Group Systems, a leading provider of electronic brainstorming tools, allows us to harness the newest technologies for our clients. With electronic brainstorming, one can be twice as effective in half the time. Meetings are conducted in just a fraction of the time usually required to reach consensus.

Time is saved because participants contribute to discussions simultaneously. Anonymity encourages participants to contribute without feeling inhibited. This system fosters the unbridled creativity so essential to generating ideas and problem-solving.

The transparent process organizes, prioritizes and selects the best ideas, efficiently moving your meeting along to the best plan for action, in record time.

  • Boost productivity with more effective brainstorming
  • Drastically reduce meeting time
  • Increase group buy-in and participation
  • Solicit better ideas by encouraging creativity
  • Identify best ideas quickly and make an action plan

HR Projects

Yaro Group offers superior technical expertise, impeccable communication skills and an expert business sense. We offer custom solutions—developed with new technology if necessary—in the most cost effective manner. We help our clients make sense of their data, ensuring they’re taking full advantage of their information systems. Our impressive experience in this area includes construction tracking for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center; cost tracking systems; recruiting systems; data analysis and metrics.

  • Analyze data needs and available tools
  • Consolidate data from disparate sources, if appropriate
  • Validate data against business rules to ensure accurate reporting
  • Provide timely analytics to senior managers

Selected Clients

Merrill Lynch
US Trust