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Services for Individual Clients

Yaro Group can help you with a variety of challenging interpersonal situations. Whether negotiating a business deal or helping you refine interpersonal communication skills, we tailor our services to meet your individual needs.


Whether speaking with a difficult business partner, employee, spouse or teenager, an impasse in a discussion is a signal that you should explore mediation as a means to resolve your conflict.

Mediation is a non-binding process by which parties speak directly with each other with the help of a trained third party. The conversation is confidential, allowing for a candid, productive conversation. At the end of the mediation the parties often walk away with an agreement that works for them and feeling of having cleared the air. This leads to a stronger, more honest and productive future relationship with the other person.

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We also offer arbitration services, conducting thorough, impartial investigations of the issues and recommending a plan of action to bring swift, successful closure to conflicts that traditional mediation could not solve.

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Business Partnerships

Yaro Group works with groups and individuals to mediate real estate deals, investment deals or other business contracts. We also coordinate prospective business partnerships. When an objective third party—rather than a stakeholder—negotiates a deal, a successful outcome is more likely. With Yaro Group’s business expertise, a successful outcome is virtually guaranteed.

  • Ensure deals stay on track
  • Provide a neutral environment for all parties
  • Intervene early so differences don’t sabotage relationships
  • Resolve differences with skilled guidance

Interpersonal Disputes

Conflict doesn’t occur spontaneously; there’s always a cause. But sometimes conflict is spurred without intent or even awareness. Benign factors—like time pressure or a lack of information—can combine to create circumstances that become unmanageable. An unbiased third party with a trained eye is best suited to resolve conflict to your advantage.

  • Provide a neutral environment for all parties
  • Resolve and understand root causes of conflict
  • Learn to use conflict to your advantage

Parent-Teen Conflict

Yaro Group works with schools and families to find an appropriate solution to every disagreement. We offer discrete mediation sessions for both parents and children.

  • Understand each other’s perspectives
  • Explain your position
  • Learn how to adjust perspectives
  • Inspire cooperation & gain trust

Conflict Coaching

Many people aren’t aware that conflict can be a positive force, and they lack the skills needed to turn conflict to their advantage. Our conflict coaching does more than help you through an uncomfortable situation. We develop and refine your own negotiation strategy, so that you can resolve conflict in your favor.

  • Benefit from short time commitment: 30- or 60-minute meetings
  • Analyze situation thoroughly
  • Explore and evaluate options
  • Clarify goals
  • Understand and use your bargaining power
  • Identify, review and test strategy
  • Learn what to research and how to prepare before negotiating