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Services for ADR Professionals

Yaro Group offers training, supervision and support services to aspiring mediators who are new to and curious about the field as well as to experienced mediators interested in improving their skills.  Our services to Alternative Dispute Resolution professionals include:

Professional Mediation Training

An innovative, comprehensive training for professionals who would like to become mediators.  Led by dynamic instructors who are also seasoned mediators, the course is recognized by the American Arbitration Association, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, New York Peace Institute (formerly Safe Horizon Mediation), New Jersey Civil Court, and New York State Supreme Court (Commercial Division) as meeting their Basic Mediation Training requirements.

Mediation Supervision

Expert guidance and analysis for mediators who want to process and discuss current cases with the support of a seasoned professional.

Mediation Practicum

An in-depth, experiential workshop in which training students have multiple opportunities to mediate disputes in real time.   This two-day workshop is led by expert mediators who are actively involved in student learning, providing feedback, guidance, and coaching as needed.